Space Opera - Science Fiction

One Starship with secret & superweapons fights aganist a Galactic Empire...

The Final Starship stands between mankind and alien invasion fleet...

An entire planet converted into a giant war machine...

One Battleship will avenge a brutal alien attack...

Biggest warship in galaxy is unleashed by the Galactic Empire...

Sid Kar: Author of Action & Adventure Novels

Fans, Readers, Connoisseurs...lend me your Eyes!

Welcome Dear Reader, to pages of these Chronicles
Be a spectator to these; Of spectacular sagas of adventure and heroism
And of Wars vicious and Battles epic;
Clashes of champions and showdowns of soldiers.

Tale of the World of War and Revolution;
Where the only respite at hand; was the Peace Carthaginian
An Age where the most popular drink was the Cocktail Molotov;
And served with the juiciest dish: Revenge - cold and hard.

An epoch when the arts most practiced; were the Arts Martial
And the crafts profitable utmost; were the forges and foundries of Hard Steel
An Era when the idols in the dreams of boys, were the Colonels Mustachioed
And the stars in the hearts of dames;
Were the Capitans of Uniforms Red & Black and of Epaulets Silver.

Of Campaigns of Conquests mounted from Horsebacks on the wide Steppes,
And Quests for Glories launched with Starships in the vastness of Stars;
Legends of Heroes and Villains; braver than lions, greater than mountains,
Colonel IronHeart; The Ringmaster, One Man Army and the King of Stars.

Fables illuminated by Fires of Stars Red and Giant;
and Sparkling with Red Lightning of Thunderbolt Primordial.

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Sid Kar writes exciting novels in Action, Thriller, Adventure, War, Space Opera and Fantasy genres.

Sid Kar's Novels

1. The Storm Maker
2. War Machine
3. One Man Army
4. The Runaway Atomic Train
5. Memories of A Murder
6. The Final Starship
7. Starship Conquistador
8. Battleship Avenger
9. Megaship Maverick
10. Machine Planet

Action - Thrillers

Can memories from a dead brain help solve a murder...

Paratroopers hijack a train that cannot be stopped...

A superweapon that unleashes hurricanes & tornadoes...

Great Powers fight to become first Atomic Power...

One Man will fight an Empire...